Insulation integrated board development history

As a rising sun product in the construction industry, the external wall insulation and decoration integrated board has changed the current form of China's building insulation and coatings field under the environment of the government vigorously promoting the implementation of building energy saving. The semi-finished insulation and coating products are directly realized on the assembly line. It turns the uncontrollable manual construction into mechanized and automated production, and changes the complicated manual on-site construction into simple on-site installation. The choice of exterior wall construction technology directly affects the decoration effect, thermal insulation performance and construction cost of the building.

This article will analyze the application value of integrated external wall insulation and decoration panels from the perspectives of development history, product introduction, traditional comparison, cost analysis and other specific cases.

Development experience

The external wall insulation and decoration integrated board is roughly divided into four stages, the initial stage, the transformation phase, the trial stage, and the forming stage. The development of the external wall insulation and decoration integrated board has just begun the fourth development stage.

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Initial stage (2006 ~ 2008): The integrated board has just been introduced to the market, mainly used in some high-end public construction projects, with the effect of imitation aluminum board and imitation ceramic board;

Transition stage (2008~2011): from public construction projects to residential projects, some non-mainstream real estate market uses, mainly with imitation aluminum plate and imitation stone decoration effects;

Trial stage (2011~2017): First-tier real estate companies began to experiment with integrated boards, paint manufacturers began to enter the integrated board market, and the market was still dominated by thin plaster systems;

Formation stage (2018-present): The mainstream product stage used in the mainstream real estate market, fully used by first-line real estate developers, fully satisfying various architectural styles.

Traditional contrast

Compared with the traditional thin plastering system and stone curtain wall system, the external wall insulation and decoration integrated board has the following advantages:

    ①All-in-one solution: Tailor-made, heat preservation and high-end decoration together to solve the problem

    ②High-end decoration: factory prefabricated production, exactly the same as aluminum curtain wall

    ③Safe and reliable: the installation method "bonding + anchoring" minimizes the risk of falling

    ④Simple construction: pay-off + affixed board + jointing + uncovering film + acceptance

    ⑤Lower price: only half of the traditional "curtain wall + insulation" cost

    ⑥ Shorter construction period: most of the processes are completed in the factory, adapting to a variety of construction environments and climates

    ⑦Rich colors: any color choice, fully reflects the architectural style

    ⑧Longer life: more than 25 years of decorative life

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Replacement of stone curtain wall: lower cost to achieve realistic stone effect, which not only reduces construction and product costs, but also reduces construction load, saves steel resources, and is simple in construction. It is the best substitute for stone dry hanging.

Replacing traditional thin plastering: a comprehensive increase in less costs (increased material costs and reduced construction period time) can improve product quality, increase value, increase selling points, and help marketing.

1. Using factory-based fully automated production, the product quality is stable, the performance is stable, and the efficiency is high.

2. Adopt the double fastening structure design of bonding and anchoring, which improves the safety factor of the thermal insulation system.

3. The finish coating adopts mechanized assembly line spraying and ultraviolet drying, which has strong weather resistance and decoration.

4. The panel adopts high-density inorganic calcium silicate board, with rich decorative texture, diversified colors, and colorful and realistic.

5. Insulation layer material system can be selected according to customer needs, without color difference.

6. Modular construction and installation, light weight, convenient and fast, energy saving and consumption reduction, short construction period, reducing time cost.

7. Environmental protection and energy saving, low carbon sound insulation, no thermal bridge, good heat preservation performance and heat preservation effect.

8. Overcome the problems of cracking, chalking, water seepage, shedding, and poor durability of the external wall external insulation system of traditional wet operation.


As the country's requirements for building energy efficiency become more standardized and strict, the decoration industry has developed a new type of material-exterior wall insulation and decoration integrated board to meet the national energy-saving building renovation requirements. The board combines the thermal insulation material and the facing material through a special adhesive compound method, and integrates the two major functions of the building envelope structure thermal insulation and decoration in a high degree of safety. According to the building energy-saving design index, architectural style, fire resistance performance, and structure Performance, weather resistance, wind pressure resistance and other requirements have formed a series of products in this composite form, which can realize building energy-saving exterior decoration and fully assembled upper wall, and realize the replacement of traditional thin plaster exterior wall thermal insulation decoration and stone curtain wall system.