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Due to the age of the government office building, the original facade has been the appearance of the building 20 years ago. There are external wall problems such as water seepage and mildew, which greatly affects the appearance of the building, and the falling of tiles is a safety hazard.

Renovation and renovation projects of the facade are needed. The renovation and renovation of old walls not only require a new look, but also the excellent characteristics of exterior wall products.

*Exterior wall decoration effect.

*Safe and fireproof.

*No risk of falling off.

*Need heat preservation and energy saving performance.

*It is suitable for local rainy weather. It has the characteristics of durability, waterproof and anti-corrosion.

The local government chose our 3CM thickness of glazed ceramic insulation and decoration integrated board. The all-in-ONE panel made by one-time foaming and sintering at a high temperature of 1200℃ has the characteristics of Class A fire prevention, zero water absorption, zero water storage, light weight and safety, beautiful and durable, convenient construction, and the same life as buildings. The Anyang Municipal Government Office Building adopts foamed ceramic sintered glazed thermal insulation and decorative integrated board not only to meet the requirements of the renovation project, but also the construction process of bonding and anchoring ensures more safety and stability while speeding up the construction cycle. The overall facade is completed in less than 3 months All refurbished!

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