Zanshare's new wall material products are stable and fast in construction

With the country's vigorous promotion of environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials, major building material manufacturers have also launched various environmentally-friendly and energy-saving building materials. Among them, the exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, the board has light weight, good performance, and the surface layer is resistant to The characteristics of aging and corrosion are gradually favored by the majority of construction manufacturers and become the new favorite of the building materials industry.      The thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is a thermal insulation and decoration material placed on the surface of the building wall. The thermal insulation effect is excellent and long-term. From the system design, to the purchase of main raw materials and supporting materials, to the fully automated production and processing technology of the dust-free workshop, to the node cold bridge treatment, to the construction details, all are carried out in accordance with the 65% building energy-saving design requirements, which is more efficient than traditional energy-saving and heat-preserving systems. The construction method has more and better thermal insulation functions. It truly realizes the integration of construction and thermal insulation.     Because the traditional thermal insulation construction is easily affected by various factors such as climate and human at the construction site, the quality of the overall decorative effect cannot be guaranteed to a certain extent, and it is easy to cause wall cracking and falling off. The production of thermal insulation and decoration integrated board adopts automatic assembly line production, and the production environment is stable.     Traditional wall insulation construction requires basic treatment, waterproof treatment, hanging net, bonding insulation layer, hanging net, waterproofing, surface mortar, bonding decorative layer and other tedious processes, while the thermal insulation and decoration integrated board only needs one construction. Finish. The factory size is 600mm*900mm, which meets various installation sizes on the market. According to the data measured on the construction site, the actual installation board size is cut to reduce the actual loss of the product installation.     The traditional thin plastering + coating system often has problems such as cracking of the decorative surface, peeling of the decorative layer, and complicated construction procedures. The thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is equivalent to the integration of exterior wall decoration, and solves the problem of thermal insulation, plastering, facade decoration and lines, etc., which reduces the communication cost and time cost caused by multiple units in procurement and on-site management, and also reduces construction. step. Through the standard mechanized production of the factory, the uncertain and uncontrollable "seven-point construction" of "three-point material and seven-point construction" of on-site construction has become determinable, controllable and predictable.


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