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Multi Color Natural Slate Stacked Stone Veneer Panel Exterior Wall Cladding Board

Product Features:

---Beautiful and natural
---Super self-cleaning
---Super weather resistance
---Environmental protection
---Lightweight and safe
---Class A fire protection
---Fast construction
---Widely used
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Application Scope:

Virtually all common types of construction - new build or refurbishment (traditional and non-traditional house types), such as industry halls, warehouses, logistic centers, commercial buildings, office, sport halls as well as rural buildings. This product is also suitable for interior decoration.Contact Manufacturer Technical Services for specific advice.



Product Introduction

Sand pottery veneer panel is a new lightweight decorative board for exterior walls and interior wall .

What makes these architectural stone veneer panels different from other stone wall systems is not only the weight ,but also high strength.

Developed based on cement, inorganic mineral powder and other raw materials. Inorganic, so the combustion grade is A, and the effect is matte color. Excellent Light-resistance,  anti-alkali, anti-movement, weather-resistance,duriable. It can be used in severe cold areas, hot and humid areas or strong ultraviolet areas. We developed the colors according to the latest Ral 2021 trend color. The construction is very simple, just stick it like a tile,the price is very competitive, the cost is only the price of the paint!


We have developed more than 1500 different colors and styles of lightweight veneer panels.
We also  accept customization and can modulate the color according to the RAL color card.

Product Common Specifications
Sand pottery is a cutting material, and its specifications are rich and diverse. The minimum specification of sand pottery is 100mm*300mm, which is more than twice the traditional split brick (<60mm*240mm), which highlights the high-end atmosphere and improves the construction efficiency. The maximum size of sand pottery is 600*1200mm, which can satisfy colleagues who are convenient for transportation, handling and construction, and can perfectly express the effect of pottery.


  • Weather Resistance
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Natural and beautiful
  • Fire Resistance
  • Waterproofing
  • Very Good Strength
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Simple construction
  • Competitive cost
  • The Performance Parameter
Costruction Process:

1) After checking the base wall, perform pay-off cutting according to the design and site conditions.
*The flatness and firmness of the base will seriously affect the construction quality and effect.

2) Use a 6mm deep serrated scraper to scrape the bonding mortar on the wall or the back of the light porcelain panel to scrape out jagged stripes.
*1 Do not miss the wipe to prevent the hollow drum from curling. 2 Too thick grout will not only cause waste of auxiliary materials and labor, but also may cause cracks in the light porcelain panel.

3)Gently place the light porcelain panel on the planned sticking position, adjust the position correspondingly, and leave the joint seams.
*If the panel is deformed, please gently correct it in the reverse direction to prevent edge warping.

4)Use a large flat plate or a short ruler to pat the light porcelain panel firmly.
*It is strictly forbidden to pat the real thing with your hands directly, which may cause the flatness of the finish to decrease.

5)Fill the gaps between light porcelain panel with jointing grout or silicone sealant.
*It is recommended to use silicone sealant for imitation panel, and for sandstone pottery products to use grout.

1) After the caulk is initially set, use a sponge or dry cloth to clean the board surface.
*Avoid using a damp cloth for cleaning, or cleaning up when the caulk is not initially set.