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Zanshare Inorganic insulation board Fire Retardant Foam Ceramic Thermal Insulation Board

Fire Retardant Foam Thermal Insulation Board for cladding, outdoor wall, external wall, outer wall facade panel

Construction Fireproof Insulation Board, but it is different with Calcium Silicate Board, the whole sheet of panel is sintered with 1200°C, it called outdoor insulation decorative sintered foaming panel


Terms of Trade FOB,CIF,CFR

Payment Type L/C,T/T, Western Union

Min. Order 1000.00㎡

Exporting Port Ningbo/Shanghai China

Usage Exterior wall for environment-friendly finance Building
More Details

Product Name
Custom Multi Color Coating Thermal Insulation Board / Insulated Panels For Wall

Model No.ZB017                            Thickness25-50mm
UsageExterior panel for hotel cladding                                 Special Services Construction Technical Guidance
PackagingWooden Box / Carton Box / Customize                           Delivery Time35 days,rush orders are avaliable 
CertificateISO9001,SGS                           Productivity200,000.00 ㎡ per Month
Place Of OriginChina                           Supply Ability2400,000 ㎡ Per Year

Product Introduction
Perlite tailings, shale, feldspar, micro-powder, etc. are used as the main raw materials, grinding, granulating, sieving, powder preparation, secondary cloth, dry pressing, glaze decoration, 1200 °C high temperature roasting foaming, quenching The process of cooling, cutting and other processes is prepared by one-time sintering and expansion, and the light prefabricated imitation stone ceramic veneer insulation board is integrated with thermal insulation performance. The finish layer and the insulation layer are not sintered at the interface.

The product has light bulk density (280-330kg/m3), low thermal conductivity (0.085~0.065w/(m·k)), very low volume water absorption (≤1.5%), good fire resistance (combustion performance A(A1) Grade), tensile strength greater than 0.15MPa, rich external finish, strong material structure and performance stability, good durability, simple construction and installation, cost-effective similar products, wide application fields, and the same life span of buildings. It is currently the first choice to meet the requirements of building energy-saving design and replace traditional insulation materials.

 ►Property Life Extended: Defective properties are stabilised, extending the life of them by at least 70 years.
 ►Quality: High quality customer and technical support along with independent testing of our system give you reassurance.
 ►Low Maintenance Costs: Robust systems with high levels of weather protection and impact resistance.
 ►Cost Effective: Compare to other alternative solutions our system is much more cost effective.
 ►Healthier Living Environment: Your houses will be warmer and have less damp, mould growth and draughts.
 ►Minimising Disruption: All work is carried out externally meaning your tenants can remain in their homes.
 ►Homes Transformed:A wide range of finishes for you to choose from which can transform whole streets.
 ►Sustainability: Extending the life of your existing housing stock, rather than demolishing them, is a sustainable solution.

Factory Introduction
Adhering to the market-led, technology-driven, management and development of the concept, our manufactory has formed a large production scale, which includes annual output of inorganic thermal insulation mortar and various types of special mortar 300,000 tons, new foam insulation board (Phase I project) 1.2 million square meters,1 million square meters of thermal insulation decorative board, is the key backbone enterprise of the building materials industry in the Zhejiang province.

Five Advantages
1) Land and tax policies with local government privileges
2) The core technology of new foam ceramic insulation board production
3) The largest reserves and the best quality perlite ore resources in East China
4) The high-tech research and development team
5) The most advanced foam insulation board research and development equipment in China



The surface glaze adopts the latest 3D printing technology (3D-forming technology) to make the imitation stone effect after high temperature sintering more realistic;
The pattern can be customized!! Can achieve various finishing effects! Stone cladding, tile cladding, marble cladding, granite cladding, Porcelain cladding, plaster effect, Brick Texture effect and terracotta clading effect!


Product Features:

Lightweight, thermal insulation, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, noise reduction, inorganic environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, long service life, strong self-cleaning performance

Application Scope
Virtually all common types of construction - new build (from steel frame to solid masonry) or refurbishment (traditional and non-traditional house types), such as industry halls, warehouses, logistic centers, commercial buildings, office, sport halls as well as rural buildings. Contact Manufacturer Technical Services for specific advice.

The Performance Parameter

ITEMUNITTechnical indicators
Thermal Conductivity (Exclude glaze layer)W/(m•K)λ≤0.065
Heat storage coefficientW/(m2•K)≥1.3
Compressive strengthMpa≥0.60≥0.70
Flexural strengthMpa≥0.60
Tensile strength perpendicular to the plane of the boardMpa≥0.15
Pollution resistance--≥level 3
Thermal shock resistance--No crack on the glazed surface after the test
Glaze crack resistance--No cracks, no peeling, no damage after the test
Chemical resistance--Level GLA
Frost resistance--No cracks, no peeling, no damage after the test
Volume water absorption%≤1.5
Combustion performance rating A(A1)

Our Service
ZANSHARE own a series of technological support to meet the customer demand.

Professional solution team accompany with you from the beginning of the project plan to project design and management,to provide accurate engineering analysis and perfect design as customer demand, comfirm the best solution to you .

ZANSHARE always provide professional, high quality and caring efficient services.we provide pre-sales analysis,technical consulting,and installating guide when we sell,and also after-sale service,one to one professional and efficient service and 24 hours online consultation.

What exactly is external wall insulation?
Basically, a system of boards of thermally insulating material that are fixed to the building exterior and finished with a weather resistant, decorative render.ZANSHARE offers a professional insulated wall panel systems to meet the needs of insulation market sectors. Our wall systems offer superior quality and high R-values, while providing a modern look. ZANSHARE insulated wall panels are the ideal solution to create and maintain a high performance building envelope.

Why should I consider external wall insulation?
Up to 35% of heat lost from poorly insulated buildings escapes through the walls. External wall insulation significantly reduces this heat loss, leading to a reduction in annual fuels bills by as much as 25%. External Wall Insulation systems also protect the building structure, prevent deterioration, and overcome thermal bridging and condensation problems. Newbuild In a newbuild instance EWI systems are the most cost effective way of achieving the current & future thermal performance requirements for the building regulations, achieving an internal environment with low temperature fluctuations and low heating requirements.

What can I do if my climate zone requires a higher R-value?
Create an ZANSHARE System.It is suggested that the insulation effect can be composed of three parts: the first is the self-insulation of the wall, the second is the combination of external insulation and internal insulation, and the third is the cooperation of ground insulation;