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ZANSHARE ultra thin Super weather resistance Flexible slate stone panel

Product Features:

---Beautiful and natural
---Super weather resistance
---Environmental protection
---Lightweight and safe
---Class B+ fire protection
---Fast construction
---Widely used
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Sister product of Light porcelain veneer

Product Introduction

Stone curtain veneer ,with layers of assorted quartz sands and high grade polymer composite.This innovation makes it thin, light and yet strong. It is used for both interior and exterior and especially where bending to a curved surface is required. which provide almost every natural stone appearances, are very competitive solution for stone cladding projects. Compared to traditional stone work,Stone curtain veneer is bendable, light weight and thus cost efficient in both cladding systems and installation. It can be directly applied onto the wall surfaces without extra reinforcements or mechanical fixing system.

Application Scope:

Virtually all common types of construction - new build or refurbishment (traditional and non-traditional house types), such as industry halls, warehouses, logistic centers, commercial buildings, office, sport halls as well as rural buildings. This product is also suitable for interior decoration.Contact Manufacturer Technical Services for specific advice.

Advantages of ZANBM Stone curtain veneers:

1. Flexible and lightweight. Can be applied on any façade and curve surface. Safer exterior cladding solution for high-rise buildings.

2. Simple and fast to carry out an installation. No special equipment required.

3. Durable and virtually maintenance-free. Great performance on weather resistant and Color fastness.

4. Cost-effective. More cost-saving on material, transport and installation than traditional stone veneer and paint.

5. Eco-Friendly.

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More Stone Curtain Veneer

We have developed more than 1500 different colors and styles of Stone curtain veneer.
We also  accept customization and can modulate the color according to the RAL color card.